Uno para Trece

Found this on facebook yesterday. I was supposed to make an entry about this yesterday for my last post for 2012, but being an ADHD, I did other things and well… It’s my first post for 2013.

564471_455076307878993_1093413122_n So, let me answer this because I want to share some things… and I just really bored.

1. Girl.
2. Drawing.
3. No one in particular. I’m very much satisfied with my pillow.
4. Never been to a date.
5. Sometimes high, most of the time low.
6. Clever and Bright
7. Harry Potter series and Mitch Albom’s
8. Narrow-minded
9. Dead.
10. Dog
11. My babies
12. Never been to a relationship. But I broke up with my beloved foods… kidding!
13. By 12 midnight, I was still in my family’s annual party. Slept at about 2. Woke up at 10:30. Watched tv. Surf net. Cooked fish fillet.
14. Nothing great but I graduated college with cherry on top and passed some exams for eligibility.
15. No more dislike person 🙂
16. The Climb
17. Oh, I kissed a dog on his forehead. He did not kiss me back because we’re not that close yet. Haha
18. Intelligence
19. Dogs, then we had white mice for a short time.
20. Chocolate. Cookies and cream too.
21. New York
22. I don’t know. A Bitch? Everyone calls everyone a bitch anyways.
23. It’s always been in this island and in Manila.
24. You’re Sam Concepcion. haha kidding! If you’re awesome.
25. Career. Study. Some thingssss.
26. I’m awesome but I’m not.
27. No idea.
28. Probably a CEO. and an author.
29. Many to mentions. And I’m not exaggerating.
30. Height and Acnes!
31. Probably buy a town house near my dream university and give the rest to mum
32. He’s a dude.
33. Kid at heart forever.
34. I don’t even have a pet right now, how can I peeve it? haha kidding! Stupidity, I guess.
35. Parokya ni Edgar! and other tons who performed in my university.
36. Same with number 6.
37. Two. Fraternal twins –  a girl and a boy. 🙂
38. Hmm. Movie date? or we could just sit in a park, reading books. Like the last scene in Notting Hill.
39. Master of none. Jack of all trades.
40. My service during 3rd grade acidentally left me out in school!
41. NYC or London or Spain
42. “You have flair for words.” – March 23, 2011
43. Yes, but not really.
44. Glee’s version of Some Night
45. Oh, my sibling is Sheldon Cooper and I’m Leonard Hofstadter. Go figure.
46. I told you, dogs and white mice!
47. That it would take a long time to find the perfect work then I would lose all my patience.
48. Secret!
49. Fine
50. Awesome
51. You can do everything. Don’t let fear eat you.
52. I have no idea. My phone is dead since yesterday, I guess.
53. Very undecided.
54. Intelligence.
55. Fear.
56. That grades are very much given importance when it should have been some silly numbers.

Hoping for a entry-filled blog for 2013!


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sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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