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“Ren, parang hindi ikaw yan. Ang alam ko, mas matapang ka sa akin.” How ironic that I started 2015 in this blog with being assertive, yet my February is #NotAssertive at all. Alam mo yung may mga bagay kang tinatago … Continue reading

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One of the things I learned this new year is to be assertive. I know, I know, a lot has been saying this: from the television shows and movies that I watch, from the books and articles that I read, … Continue reading

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August 10, 2013

Best thing about today: Someone said “Tingin ko naman sayo, artistic ka.” That’s in Filipino. In my not-so-good translation skills, it can loosely be translated to “I think you are (an) artisitic (person).” Oh, Ate*, you don’t know how much this … Continue reading

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One day, when we were talking about some personal stuff, the word “signs” was mentioned. Signs. Signs… Sometimes we tend to ask God to give us a sign. Stuff like, “Lord, if that person gives me *insert whatever-not-so-common-thing-or-whatever-you-can-think here*, then … Continue reading

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See You Again

I think I should not say this here… but whatever, I have internet connection, have nothing to do and I am so happy, so I’ll share this! Haha This is probably the first time in months years that I felt … Continue reading

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A Little Chit-Chat

So I woke up early today, and found that my brother is still awake! Then we had this conversation. For your information, stuff we usually talk about are books, movies, if I already have a job, books, movies, he thinks … Continue reading

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Facebook Comments on moving on

One time, my friend Jill and I were commenting on the status “Let time heal the wounds.” (This status has another story to tell.) up until we went on this conversation. Ren        : let time develop love. –renierose : LAHAT … Continue reading

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