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Brain Fart: Love, Rosie

Whenever we look for something, we always look far away from us that we have forgotten to check things right under our nose. We always hope to find someone or something better-a place we can call our home, someone who … Continue reading

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3 Idiots

The first time I watched 3 Idiots, I was on my fourth year in college, if I remember it correctly. That was almost 3 years ago already. I remember putting the movie’s OST in my phone the night before my … Continue reading

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The Fault

I just got home from watching The Fault in Our Stars alone. Yes, alone. I’ve been meaning to watch a movie alone for a while now, and when I had the chance to watch this much awaited movie adaption, I … Continue reading

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Read books rather than watching the movie.

Few days ago, my nephew wrote on his status that he wanted to watch the Catching Fire but he’s having second thoughts because he has not read the book yet. Of course, that kind of status got my attention. I … Continue reading

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The first thing that I noticed in this movie is the songs. It’s just something that caught me. I had to say though, that while watching the movie, I was checking Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I had to rewind some … Continue reading

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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

So how do I start this? The movie is so…. Fun and Totally Awesome! Oh yeah! Let me just say that this movie is definitely a big improvement from the first one in terms of technicality. I think the effects … Continue reading

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The Piano Forest

This is an anime movie about well, piano and forest. Haha! I seriously need to study how to make a review. Kidding aside, it’s a movie about passion for the piano. One is a music teacher who is a legen-wait … Continue reading

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This is a Big Bang Theory Appreciation Post.

Not the real scientific theory, but the awesome American series. Because I have a lot of time to kill, I decided to re-watch all the episodes. And then I realized that the reason I chose this series instead of other … Continue reading

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Movies on the second half of 2012

This lunch, while my brother and I were watching the news, ¬†well… err, I was half watching and half reading Book 10 of Pretty Little Liars, and my brother’s half stretching/excercising before sleeping and half watching, we heard a news … Continue reading

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When I opened my twitter today, I received a tweet from my friend linking me to the Kimmy Dora 2 trailer. We love the first movie so much that we always talk about it, deliver and re-deliver the lines. It … Continue reading

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