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Brain Fart: Dear future boyfriend

BRAIN FART: Dear future boyfriend Continue reading

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I wonder if I could find a guy who would accept my quirks and nerdy attitude, who would love me even if I love my books and dogs more than anything else, who would stay awake with me just to … Continue reading

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The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

I think I first learned about this book in an FB post of National Bookstore. I also think that book in one of Nikki Gil’s Instagram post. Personally, the book appealed to me with two words: statistical and love. I … Continue reading

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Everything has changed.

Yes, I am talking about Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift’s song. When I first heard this song, I was like “Oh, another TSwift song. Okay.” And then when I actually listen to it, this certain line caught my whole being: … Continue reading

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for twenty-year-olds who have never been loved

I’m supposed to be doing something else as of this moment. But then, I just read something very… well, very dear to my heart, something my heart has been screaming. Disclaimer: To others, this may be familiar to you. But … Continue reading

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First day

First day of class. I was a bit nervous but I gained all my courage. I kiss nervousness away and changed it to excitement. The very idea of going back to school and studying again is all I wanted, anyway. … Continue reading

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Wedding Songs

When my cousin got married last December, i can’t seem to remove wedding in my mind. Just after Christmas, another cousin of mine got married. This summer, my third cousin will get married. With all the weddings, my cousins who … Continue reading

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