Showbiz-oriented country

Philippines is so showbiz-oriented country. Nearly half of airtime of the news shows is all about actors or anyone who is prominent enough to the minds of Filipinos.

 It’s funny that this country, my own country, a third-world country are very focused on disseminating news about the hottest actors, singers, and boxing icon.

Even Mexican boxer Mayweather’s imprisonment is in the news. WTF! Also, after Jessica Sanchez became a grand finalist of American Idol, every news show on every channel talks about her nonstop for a whole week, and even after the contest, it’s as if the media cannot move on about her. It’s so funny and crazy that they were talking about her when Jessica herself probably does not know the existence of these news shows.

Another, Manny Pacquiao’s bible study blah blah. I think his followers already get it. He is now a server of God. Enough with that story! And enough updating his training in the States! Everyone knows that he’s doing his best for his upcoming fight. But what’s worst? Yes, worst. Not worse, is the news about his mother Aling Dionesia. Her birthday celebration, her house, her bag, her going to the dermatologist, WTF!! Really WTF!

Another instance, the Santiago-Tulfo-NAIA issue. It’s very much annoying that this issue is being talked for nearly a week.

It seems that Filipinos are very much like gossip girls. They all want the latest updates of their idol. I won’t even deny that I’m a fan of the showbiz world and yes I want to know  little things about my idol once in a while.

May I remind the media people that we are a third world country. More than half of the citizens are in poverty. News shows, why don’t you just report about our economy? Maybe we can learn what, how, why our economy go up and down. News shows should inform people about something that can actually affect the viewers. Why not report about Mr. Richie Rich donating in a charity institution, or Senator Someone actually doing his job or even how we can avoid traffic.

Enough with the showbiz news. Our life won’t change if Filipinos would learn that Josh Aquino lost a lot of pounds. (again, another Who Cares? WTF!)

At the end of the day, who cares about these TV personalities?

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