It’s currently trending in twitter and I was inspired to do this. The list below is just the things that popped into my mind while writing. No particular order. I won’t even read this and check if I have some grammar errors, just to go with the flow of randomness.

1.read books

my to-read list might be over 100 books. Haha every time I see a book that somewhat interest me, I put it in my list, whether it is on my actual list written on my notebook or just a mental note. As of now, the Pretty Little Liars series is the newest addition. I have to read more classics like The Mount of Monte Cristo, To Kill a Mockingjay, Percy Jackson, Artemis Fowl, Dan Brown’s. The list goes on and on. After finishing one book, at least 3 more books add to it. Haha I love reading.

2. meet inspiring people

I think the only person who truly inspires me (other than my family of course) that I have met is Nikki Gil. I’m a big fan of her and she inspired to do good at school. Anyway, the people of this list are The Queen of Potter World, Joanne Rowling, Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, Bianca Gonzalez, Sen. Miriam Santiago. (As I type this, I noticed that this is an-all girl list.) The only man I can think of right now is Mitch Albom.

 3.be a writer

They say that to be immortal, you have to write a book, plant a tree, and have a son. And since writing is one thing I enjoy doing, it’s on my list. I had an idea to write a novel that tackles Psychological Disorder. Maybe I can do a self-help book as well. Who knows what would I write in the future? As of the moment, I’ll be a writer in my own blog.

Oh! I also fancy having a column in newspaper. Maybe I can be a columnist or a feature writer!

 4. be a photographer

I have to say that my photography skills aren’t that good – at the moment. I promise myself to take more photos to practice my basic knowledge in photography. My not-updated photo blog will help me to do this! Wonderful photos to be share in the near future!

 5. be a performer

I generalized this into one item. I want to dance on stage, maybe in Aranet Coliseum, or MOA Arena, but ASAP is fine as well. Haha I think I want to be a part of a theater someday. Oh I just really adore the theater actors!

6. walk at a runway

this past few months, I’ve been watching a lot ofAmerica’s Next Top Model, and whenever they walk on the runway, I feel like I can do that as well. Ok, my height is not qualified to be a ramp model, but I really think my walk can cover that height. I’ve been practicing my walk at home. Hahaha sometimes, I’m imagining that I’m walking on the runway when I do treadmill. (why am I even saying this? Hahaha)

7. make a film

I am still searching for my perfect video cam. I hope as soon as I get one, I can start filming, may it be a story or a documentary. I just want to be a film maker okey?!

8. be a triathlete.

I’ve been cycling my whole childhood. I just learned swimming 2 years ago and I am hoping that the swimming pool in our condominium would just start building. I can’t wait to swim every weekend. I can run. Haha. My cousins and I tried to join a marathon last year but I did not finished it. Haha after an hour, we just walk instead of running! Haha I just love doing these sports individually and I hope to have a proper training and join a triathlete marathon. Ironman training in the near future!

 9. be a citizen of the world.

May I just say that I have a wanderlust. Oh I cant wait to see the jungle in Africa, eat junk foods in North America, dance at the carnival in South America, shop in Europe, watch an opera in Australia, and wear wonderful clothes in Asia. I just cant wait to be bloody rich so I can see the entire world!

10. have a british accent

haha. Blame this to Harry Potter! Haha just kidding. Because of too much love on this series, I fell in love with their homeland

Do forgive me if there are unclear things. This is a moment of just type everything and publish it!

About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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4 Responses to #10ThingsIMustDoBeforeIDie

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Haha, your number 10 is pretty simple to obtain. Watch more brit shows and you would be able to learn the accent in no time.

  2. Nice list! And you’re definitely not the only one with #10 on their wishlist. 😛

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