Employment Chronicles

Never did I imagine that I’ll be a tambay in my life. (A bum.) Last summer, I was practically a bum as well. Sufing the net, watching tv, eating and sleeping pretty much summarize my summer vacation. But still, I was a student back then so there was no pressure or whatsoever.

Before graduating college, I have a plan: enroll for a master’s degree right after graduation, and then find a job. By 2 months time, I should be already adjusted on my employee life and ready to face the graduate school.

And then, nothing became a reality. During summer vacation, I told myself the new plan: find a job as soon as possible. I came home for few weeks. After the holy week, I’ll be back in Manila. But then, I stayed for few more weeks. April 22, I went to Manila. My plan was simple: get my transcript of records, enjoy Ilocos trip with my friends and start applying. But the Ilocos trip was cancelled. I stayed for few more days even after. Anyway, it was my back-up plan than even if the Ilocos trip would not pursue, I would immediately look for a job. Just after few days of the supposed to be Ilocos vacation, I went back home. A month and few days later, I’m posting this entry.

It’s June. Students are already back to school. My mom is now asking me when I would go back to Manila.

(to be continued…)

-Ren, 7:45pm June 4, 2012


About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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