For Lola

I believe my lola is a super woman.

    Presently, she is eighty years old, yet she is energetic as every one of us.

    Through my lola, my eyes were opened to the reality of life – that in one night, everyone’s life can change. That fateful night that changed our entire lives when my lolo got stroke, made me realize how much important the grandparents are in the lives of their grandchildren. I never saw my lola cry. She never gave us the impression of being weak; instead she was the strength of our whole family to continue fighting.

    Through my lola, I learned what really is love. She’s my first encounter of love aside from my parents. I learned that true love exists and a happy ending really comes true. Having a wonderful marriage is one thing I admire about my grandparents, and I know, they are together until their last breath. She is the closest person I can compare with God’s unconditional love. She loves every one of us despite our silliness in our lives.

    Through my lola, the proverb “ang may tyaga, may nilaga” is lived. She worked very hard in order to support her eight children. Now, all her children are successful to their chosen fields. And even until now, she works very hard as she manages a dormitory. My lola never really stopped working, not because she defines herself with her work, but she always feel that if she stops, she is going to be sick. She does not want to just sit all day round but rather, prefer to do household chores.

    Through my lola, I learned what really is simplicity and humility. She never lives in an extravagant way. She prefers to be simple from her clothes to the way of living her life. She is friends with a lot of people, from the street sweeper to almost anyone in our place. Seeing her with this made me realize that being arrogant and lifting yourself will eventually make someone fall to the dirty ground.

    Through my lola, knowledge and wisdom was clearly differentiated. She never finished elementary yet, I know she has a lot of things in mind. She can never be fooled to anything. As Adler says it, she has a great creative power.

    For eighteen years, I am with my lola. Every day is a new experience with her. Every experience gives me opportunity to learn something, or make me realize things. Living with her give me a different perspective in life.

*I made this for our project in Aging last December 2010. Earlier this day, I was browsing our Holiday photos and it made me miss my entire clan. The photos just show how much everyone of us really loves our Inay.

*I wanted to share photos then I realize, sharing photos in the internet, in this so open site is not so safe. :))

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sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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