Dibs – A Reflection

I am actually looking for another essay I made last year but when i enter “i believe”, my essay on Dibs came. (“I believe” is the start of my essay for our Aging project but that would be for another entry.) Anyway, Dibs is a child from a novel of the same title but this is not just a fictional character. He is a real kid but due to confidentiality, some details about him were changed. The novel has been published a long time ago and I, with my classmates had a hard time finding a copy of this novel but all the trouble is worth it.

So this is what I pass to my professor. This is just a part of the paper.

Explain the ill effects of labeling as presented in Dibs’ case.

The main effect of labeling Dibs as mentally retarded made him to have a hard time going out of his shell. He was stuck inside a leaf, as everyone thinks that he is still a caterpillar, yet inside the leaf is a well-developed and beautiful butterfly. He was held on his neck, having a hard time to breathe. He was being pulled but he was pushing so hard. He was only a small wave, yet he was already beaten by the big waves.

Discuss three insights you have gained from Dibs’ case.

“Parent’s way of treating their children affects not only the attitude of a child, but also his own life.” Dibs’ parents treated him as mentally retarded. They chose to believe this fact. And because the parents considered Dibs as a pain special child, he became unconsciously what other people are considering him. His life is affected. Parents always tend to believe something about their children, if it is on the positive side, then it is good. But like Dibs, they made their child what they preferred him to be. This made me reflect on how always my parents support the things I want to do. They never said no to the things that they know can help me grow and will make me happy. They treat me like a very competent princess, and then I grew up looking life as a wonderful gift. I wake up each morning knowing that I can do everything, just because mom and dad believe in me.

”First impressions are not always correct.” Everyone’s first impression to Dibs is that he is someone special, in a negative side. They think Dibs is incapable. But this is not always correct. Impressions are just gained since people always want to arrive at a judgment about the qualities of a person. This is always automatic since people are naturally condemnatory.

 “You must always have faith in people, and most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself.” Miss A, Miss Heda and Jane believed in Dibs. They try to understand him. They outreach their hands in order for Dibs to cope up. I always love people who believe in other’s talent. This reminds me of self-fulfilling prophecy. A good friend in college helped me back in first year to go out of my shell and to speak on who I really am. People like them are guardian angels.

 Even though someone believes in you, it will be useless if you will not believe in yourself. It is usual to be afraid once in a while. It is normal to be nervous on the thesis defense, on the Christmas presentation, or even when in front of a crush. Yet, this nervousness shall not overwhelm you. Trust in yourself that you can do it. Believe that you will be successful in your life despite the circumstances you face. Having faith in yourself is the starting line to the triumph.

*Yes, the two insights are line from my favorite movie, Legally Blonde. It’s so perfect here so I just use it. 🙂

I made this essay on September 2010 and when I read this again now (January 2011),I am so curious on how was I able to gather these words and put it in one composition. It always surprises me reading essays I made earlier. Anyway, I just felt like sharing this. Read this novel, and well, your life may change. 🙂

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