The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

photo from Google

photo from Google

I think I first learned about this book in an FB post of National Bookstore. I also think that book in one of Nikki Gil’s Instagram post. Personally, the book appealed to me with two words: statistical and love.

I am actually a nerd who likes being in a statistics class. Don’t ask me why, I just seem to enjoy the class. In fact, statistics is one of the very few things that make my ADD gone. Anyway, so yeah I thought something qualitative about this novel will be fun.

Being a hopeless romantic, love is definitely something to catch my attention. To be honest, I’ve been listening too much on love songs and watching too many love stories that I can no longer stop myself on daydreaming some love stories.

I did not read any reviews or even the plot of the novel, so I have no idea on what this novel is all about. I read this on the week I told myself I got to stop thinking too much about love.

It was something that really suited me. I felt that I am finally back in reading books since I’ve been ignoring my books because of a very busy reality. I love the intellectual conversation, and the fact that it is not simply love at first sight. For me, it was love at first conversation. Read this.

The novel did not have any numbers like you would think whenever you hear the word statistics. It is a very easy to read novel, something you would read even on when you are very busy.

Oh how I love the feeling of love. Another thing, this novel, and other stuff happening to my life, made me think that am I just inlove with the idea of being in love?

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