Reasons Why

“cause when you’re fifteen and somebody tells you they love you, you’re gonna believe them.”

I think this line pretty much summarizes everything there is to know about adolescence. It shows the teen’s being naïve to this world, believing someone that they love you. But most often than not, those who tell you that they love you are as confused and lost as you are yourself. Two lost souls do not equate to the straight road towards the answer to all the questions.

Reading adolescent books/ developmental psychology books is just like someone telling me what I already know. Nobody has to tell me how painful it is to form your own identity, or how depressing it is to see all the pretty ladies on TV, and photos knowing that I can never be like that – I have been living this for what I feel like eternity.

One of “features” of this period is finding your own identity. Adolescents have this notion that what they have experience, or thoughts is something unique. By further readings, I have found out that it is Personal Fables­ – a belief that their experience is unique, exceptional and shared by no one else. With this, I just got confused even more– if all the experiences I had, or thoughts is also have been/being experience by others, then how can I be unique? How can I form my own identity if I don’t have anything extraordinary?

A user on Youtube posted his opinion – Being confused is just a sickness or a problem of the rich. The poor doesn’t have time for that; all their time is used for survival, for jobs that would pay the rent, the debt, food, and water.

Is this true? In our country, without a doubt, yes. In others, probably it is also true. I mean, no one wants to be an elevator girl forever, or a nanny, or someone who cleans the big windows of skyscrapers. But we have to face the reality, we need to have a mean to meet the end. And in this country, students would take nursing because her aunt won’t finance her studies if she would take other course, or would take IT just because it is what’s in right now. Or even college graduate, adolescents and young adults who would grab some odd jobs – call centers, waiters, and cashiers- jobs they are not passionate –  to survive. What would happen to their identity formation? It’s awful, and they will end up being depressed and disappointed with their job, with their life.

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