I wish life was…

I wish life was just like algebra. There’s an exact answer. Sure, you have to find the x and y first, but once you have found it, that’s it, you’re done. You can even check if it’s the right one.

-Ren, May 9, 2013, 12:03pm

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sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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7 Responses to I wish life was…

  1. esorenneiluj25 says:

    But if it is like that, there will be no mystery, there will be no hunger for the truth, which for me, mystery and hunger for the truth are what makes life beautiful. #justsaying 🙂

    • There are just times that you just want to give up on mystery and just want thing to uncover in your very eyes.

      • pahabol. supposed life is indeed algebra. it’s still a mystery. because you still have the x and y. the only difference is that in real life, there’s no formula or there’s no structured way of finding it. hahaha #pinilit

  2. esorenneiluj25 says:

    But at least in Algebra, you’ll find the definite answer… unlike in life, we just don’t have the answer to everything. Btw, sometimes I also feel the way you feel. Well, that’s life… but you know what some things are not meant to be understood, to be uncovered… we just have to go with what seems right, with what seems appropriate to do… and soon… circumstances will be the one which will uncover it all.

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