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Read books rather than watching the movie.

Few days ago, my nephew wrote on his status that he wanted to watch the Catching Fire but he’s having second thoughts because he has not read the book yet. Of course, that kind of status got my attention. I … Continue reading

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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

So how do I start this? The movie is so…. Fun and Totally Awesome! Oh yeah! Let me just say that this movie is definitely a big improvement from the first one in terms of technicality. I think the effects … Continue reading

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The Yellow Face

“I wanted your advice, sir. I don’t know what to do, and my whole life seems to have gone to pieces.” “You wish to employ me as a consulting detective?” “Not that only. I want your opinion as a judicious … Continue reading

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Whenever I read…

Whenever I read Sherlock Holmes, I wish that my life was one of his cases. I don’t know how to fix my life, how to make it through, so I want him to deduce things so I could find answers. … Continue reading

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A Little Princess

  The first book I ever bought this year! And I am totally not regretting buying this even know I said to myself that I’d finish first all my unread books. The story isn’t new to me. Filipinos know this … Continue reading

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The Great Gatsby

Finally! I’ve finished reading a classic novel! I had been trying to read a classic since last year, but I did not get it. I find it hard to understand, the sentences are so long but it only says very … Continue reading

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Dream Job

Let me share you one article that really struck my heart. This is very perfect for my friends and I. “Most young graduates grab the first offer that comes their way. (With the present status of our economy, they can’t … Continue reading

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