Lessons from dogs

My Brighty Boy. I miss you baby.

My Brighty Boy. I miss you baby.

This has been sitting in my drafts for 2 years now! Took notes from the speech during the Oath Taking last January 2016. Sharing with you the speech the keynote speaker gave which she said was her learning from her dogs.

  1. Learn to listen. Listen well. Listen to the opinions of others, but in the end, do what you believe is right.
  2. Protect your resources, but learn how to share.
  3. Take care of your health.
  4. Take naps! Catch up with your sleep! Work will be exhausting, so recharge to be alert, creative, analytical, and efficient.
  5. Care for others. Protect them.
  6. Don’t be afraid to learn something new. Take every opportunity to learn something new.
  7. Venture in a specialization to be an expert.
  8. Don’t worry. Worrying will get you nowhere.
  9. Read!
  10. Mind you manners. Be mindful of how you behave.
  11. Learn to serve, beyond bias and prejudice. Provide everyone with the same treatment.
  12. Give more attention to the less privileged.
  13. Don’t be complacent.
  14. Keep your eyes open for new ideas.
  15. Take on the challenge.
  16. Choose well. Choose the right partner, someone who shares the same vision and direction.
  17. Attend conferences. Go far beyond what you have learned in the university.
  18. Don’t wash dirty linen in public.
  19. Admit your fault. Be humble enough to admit your fault. Learn from it.
  20. Focus! Remain focus on your main purpose. Apply self-discipline. A little self-sacrifice will go a long way.
  21. Be responsible on yourself.
  22. Integrity is far more precious than any recognition.
  23. Always ask God for His guidance and blessing so He may protect you. Do everything for the glory of God.



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