The ones that love us never really leave us.


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“The ones that love us never really leave us”, says one of the beloved characters in the Harry Potter universe, Sirius Black.

Every one of us feels alone, most often than we would like to admit. It is during our darkest times, when the universe is as if conspiring against us, that we feel isolated, unloved, and unworthy of anything the world has to offer. I should know as I have episodes of it myself.

Because as human beings, we are sensing in nature- that is, we use our senses in understanding and believing things, it is hard for us to acknowledge something we cannot grasp nor see. So we run towards something we understand, something we can sense.

Some of us travel, go on hike or in the beach to feel that something is “bigger than us”. Some feel this unexplainable happiness through their passion- arts, music, sport, serving other people.

Nature, passion, family and friends- these are a few manifestations that indeed there is something or someone around us that truly care for us. So if ever you feel alone, turn your head up and you will see the sun or the moon giving you light and direction. Listen to the silent and you will hear the birds singing a happy song for you.

And don’t forget, you may not see it in your naked eye, but He is with you. Always. He promised it. Besides, that certain someone who truly loves us never really leave us.

10.26.17. Wrote this for our organization’s journal


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