Brain Fart: Music and Performing

The past week has been very tiring, but I am not complaining. In fact, I do not mind doing that kind of schedule every week – because I get to do what I love the most.

Performing and music is a big part of my life. It just so happen that I was not blessed with the talents needed in the performing industry but I was given the heart for it. I feel so alive during rehearsals, even though it means taking time off for what I have planned for.

I guess I am writing this now because for the first time since I have entered my adult life, I once again feel that work is synonymous to play. It is such a breath of fresh air when you do something out of the routine, especially when the work you have requires responsibility that is very overwhelming to your fragile and immature heart.

I missed dancing. I missed talking about performing. I missed being creative and actually doing your concept. I missed all the things I usually just watch on television/laptop, or imagine in my head.

About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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