Today’s my third day on my driving class. And can I just say, it was freaking awesome! To be honest, I was quite hesitant to finally learn how to drive. I always have lame excuses to do during Saturdays so now that I am doing it, I hate past-Ren for pushing it off every single time.

First meeting was just a lecture of the basic – the things I ought to check as a driver, like the battery, water, oil, gas, etc. I was also oriented on what we will be doing once we’re actually driving. Even if the teacher was trying to explain things to me like how to do parking, I still cannot visualize it. First sign that I might fail this driving class. Hahaha

Second meeting was the first actual driving. When we switched our sits, I was nervous as hell. He made me do forward and reverse – very simple. But the first few times I was doing it, I did not understand what I was actually doing. It should just be a simple straight drive but I always going to the side rather than staying in the center. It was just few meters and after doing this for ten times or less, the teacher was like let’s go somewhere. That’s a long straight drive, pretty sure you’ll learn to control the steering wheel. So we did, but I drove like a drunken person. I just cannot stay in the middle!

But as I keep driving, I learned to relax. And it was fun! OMG I am finally doing it! We had to go to this open field to relax and be comfortable steering the wheel. Pretty sure, the teacher being a fun to be with also added on the fun experience.

Today’s activity was my most favorite. Third meeting! I finally drove on the highway, and even went to Puerto Galera. The commute from Calapan to Puerto Galera is around one hour and before landing off the beaches, you have to face the ups and lows zigzag road. It’s on the mountain side, like the level 1 version of the road going to Baguio. I cannot believe I did it. I mean I cannot take all the credit because the teacher did a lot of guiding as well, but still. If I did it today, I know I can do it again! Yaay! Can’t wait for the roadtrips during weekend!

I am so excited to learn more. He says next activity is to drive on the traffic. And something on changing the wheels. I do not know. I even said if I could just go to a vulcanizing shop but he was like what if you’re in the middle of nowhere and can’t find one? Make sense. Listen to the teacher, Ren.

I am just so happy with today’s happenings! OMG! Driving is equally scary and fun. I cannot wait for  next Saturday so I could drive again! Yaaay!

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3 Responses to Driving

  1. esorenneiluj25 says:

    Oh. Ren, this is very inspirational. Driving is scary but you are conquering it. Go!!!!

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