Rambling Rant: Paper

We’ve been living in a world where we showed or appreciated more what’s in paper rather what’s in front of us- good grades, prestigious school, crazy degree, high ranking position….it seems to me that we have forgotten how to be just us –  a person with a heart and soul.

Maybe it’s just in the world that I’m currently living in. I remembered an episode in The Big Bang Theory wherein Sheldon, Raj, and Leonard were applying for a tenure position. Leonard said he would let his work speak for himself, but Penny, the street smart, was like, No, you gotta know who to “schmooze to get this deal.”

Am I so naïve and ideal that that very scene hurt me on the inside? Can’t we all really do that? It’s just that there are times when I wanna scream… Like the times when Miley Stewart just wanna say to the world that she’s Hannah Montana just so people would treat her differently… But then again, things will never work out the way we always wanted it to be.hm-miley

I mean, I’m this, Ren, this person you’re dealing with in real life. I am not the paper you can read. I am not the grades I have, the degree I earned, the licenses I hold. And just because I don’t announce these things in public, it still exists. Gotta stop the picture-or-it-never-happened attitude.

Like, why do we have to treat the big people differently as if they were gods, while we treat the janitors, the guards, the rank-and-files as if their souls were already burning in hell? Since when do we become a caste system? Oh right, yeah, since kindergarten. The nice and smart kids are praised while the naughty ones were forced to stand in one dark corner of the classroom.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is let’s treat everyone equally with the same smile we showed to our boss to our subordinates. Let’s believe the potentials of the naughty kids the same way we believe in the potentials of the class valedictorian.

I am no saint, and sometimes I don’t treat people equally but I always remind myself to be nice. If we are seeing attitudes and behaviors on other people that we do not like, don’t imitate it. If you had a bad experience with your boss, don’t be like that to your employees once you yourself become the boss. If you hated your parents, don’t do the same things your parents did to you to your future children.

Let’s be nice. Let’s be compassionate. That’s feasible, right?

-Ren, 04.02.16, 12:32pm

About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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