almost there!

I thought it was only two-three weekends of not writing in my blog, but it’s actually a month already. Some weekends, I have an acceptable reason of not writing like being really sick; some I’m just not in the mood. So much for my New Year’s resolution of blogging every weekend.

Anyway, so many things happened, and I do not know how to put it in words. But I’ll still try, so let’s start!
Finally! I’ve been waiting for *a certain* letter for almost three months. To be honest, I’ve forgotten about it already when it came to our house! I already know what’s written inside but to actually hold it in my hands feels different. I was so happy! I am still so happy about this!

The past month was tough – personal life and work. I was really on the verge of giving up, but still here, trying to survive the everyday life. I know this will pay off sooner than later.

This was from the homily from the Holy Mass I attended on the first Monday of March. It was on point because I’ve been thinking about this for quite a long time. That very week, it was full of surprises, day after day of ‘leaving the comforts’. It was actually on that week that I realized how indeed hard the field I am currently working, and that I am still not matured enough, and still very anxious to do all of these things on my own. I still thank God that even though He’s giving me unfamiliar battles, He never forgets to send some soldiers to help me.

“It truly gets better.” “Leave your comfort zone.” “Stop being so afraid.” “You can do it.” “You can make it.” “Dreams do come true.”

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sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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