I love this place. I hate this place. Question: can love and hate coexist at the same time? For the philosophy nerds out there, can love and the absence of love coexist at the same time?

I love this place. I learned to love it. I know that wherever life takes me in the future,mI will always credit this place for making me the adult I am today. I grew, and have grown a lot in this place. I never even imagined that I’m gonna be here, but still, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Just by mereley thinking of leaving this tears me up real hard. I love it.

But I also hate it. I hate that I never felt that I truly belong here. I always feel that this place is an unknown jungle, that even with the years of my life spent here, I never felt at ease. I always feel different, but I think being different is my normal. This place gives me a lot of reason to hate it, and it never fails to tear me up on the inside. 

I love it. I hate it. There are days that remind me of the wonderful experiences I have and will have in this place. But there are also experiences that tell me to leave.

Now, I ask again, can love-hate be felt at the same time?

-Ren, 01.29.16, 5:40pm

About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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