Your plan

Last night before I went to sleep, I was reading a book entitled “Praying for You Future Husband” and in every chapter there is a prayer for yourself and for your future husband. It’s honestly a good read, but won’t spoil it. Anyway, so I was reading and I find this prayer very…personal. All the other prayers from the other chapters were good too but I felt that this certain prayer touched my heart more. It’s something I could pray every single night, something we could all pray despite the circumstances we’re facing. And I think it will be good if I’m going to start my 2016 (for this blog) with a prayer. The prayer goes: img150 img151 It’s the very first sentence that caught my attention and my heart. Then the following sentences came and it was like something I would have said but was written way better. The prayer says it all! I am currently learning to give all to Him for His plans, and not mine. May we all be inspired with this prayer.

xx, Ren

P.S. Yes, that is my handwriting.

About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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