Thank you 2015!

Few hours before the year ends, I’d like to write my reflection for the year so here I am in my room writing this on my laptop. It feels so long time so I go since I wrote through this laptop, ’cause I am always always holding my iPad.

I am thankful for 2015 because I have finally achieved my childhood dream. I finally have a physical evidence of achieving it and nobody now can take that away from me. I now have an additional item on my list to read whenever I feel incompetent or whenever I have self-pity episodes.

This achievement made me realize that sometimes, you have to say ‘No’ to things in order to say ‘Yes’ to yourself. I just woke up one day with this firm mindset that there will always always be a lot of stuff to do at the office, I don’t want to be stuck in this position/situation so I have to help myself. I know it is up to me to achieve my dreams. I’m glad I did what I did.


A prayer I wrote months ago. My prayer every time I undertake certain journey.

I also know that whatever is happening to me is God’s plan. I asked for it, and He gave it to me. Now, I know at least a little bit of information of what He wants me to do.

I am also thankful to all the challenges I had to face at work. It helped me to be mature that I was before, finally learn how hard it is to be an adult that has a responsibility – realized these on the nights I, together with our unit, was still working and also when I am all alone in the office and the bosses were expecting me to do a lot of stuff.

It was also the year that I realized that I can do things. I thought I really can’t. Really, I doubted things, but after accomplishing things after things, I realized that I can. I just have to believe in myself.

Another highlight at work was when I gave a short talk outside the institution. It was not really the first time, but it was the first time I was invited to talk! Wow! And oh, I get to speak in front of hundreds of people. Truly amazing!

This year though was the year I did not get to write entries on my blog than I am expecting for myself as well as reading too few books. I really need to control myself in putting too much time on social media sites. Get a life, Ren!

I feel that I grew a lot this year. Looking back, I never thought I was able to do all those things. This year also made me feel that I am indeed an adult now. But hey, I am and will always be child at heart.

To every one who might probably reading this, may the year 2016 be the year that we achieve our dreams!

xoxo, Ren





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sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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