The Week That Was: Beyond Thankful, Beyond Blessed

Wow! I am actually writing an entry on this almost-dead weekly topic of mine. Haha! But since I realized that I really need to write more often, I should start with this one, even though I am already late with my schedule.

Anyway, I am going to talk about the first two weeks of December since it came so fast, it almost felt like a dream!

It actually started on the evening of November 30. When the results came, I really could not believe it! The Lord has actually granted my request. Now I feel like I know at least a part of what He wants me to do with my life.

Eight days layer, He has given me even more! Definitely even more thankful. I still cannot believe it. It felt definitely hashtag blessed.

Upon reflecting with all that is happening in my life, I remembered a somg from Hannah Montana The Movie. A line from the song You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home says “And this girl is thinking that maybe this life is what some people dream about…”. Definitely living my childhood dream now! And I know a lot of people will do everything just to have it as well. Definitely beyond thankful and beyond blessed!

I am also very thankful that the orientation program the office held was successful. It wasn’t the first time I organized this kind of program, in fact, I’ve done one months ago and it was bigger than this. But I was still very nervous that no one will attend, or that the speakers that I have invited have forgotten it or so on. I tried to keep my body and mind calm when days before the program one of the speakers said that he can’t come because of prior commitments. A day before three of the bosses couldn’t come. Oh my goodness! What should I do? But still, regardless of all the issues and concerns, we did it! Definitely feeling accomplished!

The week that was was also when I got a surpirsed visit at the office from my mentor, my former boss. It made me realize that things will definitely change and it is up to me if I would let my relationship with the people I love will change. Circumstances change, yes, but you can still be as close as you used to. Believe in the realness of your friendship.

Definitely thankful! Definitely bleesed!

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sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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