Donate blood, save lives! 

I still can’t believe that I donated blood yesterday!

Donating blood has been one of my goals in life that I thought would remain just that – an idea, a thought, a dream. Until yesterday when there was  a blood letting activity. But I wouldn’t have done it without the help of friends. 75% of the credit should be given to C, H, L and C.

To be honest, I did it at first for myself. It’s been a long time since I wanted to try it but I was always so thin and such a coward. So when C entered the office and mentioned that there is a blood letting activity at the AC and said that she wants to donate, I told her that I wanted too. But I was hesitant. This was all too sudden. Things like this should be processed in my mind for at least a week. But everyone in the room urged me to do it, and said that I can do it. So C and I went, even though I do not believe that I can do it.

I weighed. I am officially 51 kilos. I had my blood pressure checked, and even though I was nervous, my BP is still the same. The doctor had a quick assessment if I was healthy. When he signed my paper, I realized that there is no backing out. I am healthy enough to give my blood. Oh my gosh!

All this time, I was just thinking about my blood extraction few months ago. It hurt, but I managed it. If I can do it before, I sure can do it now as well. So I lay down on the bed, and the nurse approached me. She tied a latex glove on my arm, disinfected it, and poked the needle. I was looking at the other side as I was really scared. It hurt, to be honest. L recorded everything so I can still see it after. Then when the nurse went to the next bed, friends cheered that I was doing it. I looked at my arm, and oh my goodness! I was doing it. I am donating my blood! I was instructed to open and close my hands but I was  too weak (or too scared?) to move it. They said that the flow from my arm to the bag was fast enought. Yaay! Really thank God for friends who were there for me to keep me company and entertained and for the support.


Laughing (or crying? haha) while donating. So surreal!

After 20 minutes or so, the nurse removed the needle. It still hurt! And then that’s it! I still feel great. I did not eat the balut and the lugaw that they gave, but I still feel awesome. I feel like that I can still dance all afternoon!

Kidding aside, I am glad that I finally did it, and survived it, and still very much willing to do it over and over again! L said that I finally have something worthy in this world. Yay!


I did it! Finally!

Though I initially did it for myself, I am glad that my blood can help other people.

Oh, and I finally know my blood type! Yaay! Hooray for me!

For anyone who has been thinking of donating, go ahead and do it! Donate blood, save lives!

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4 Responses to Donate blood, save lives! 

  1. esorenneiluj25 says:

    You’re so brave friend! And I envy your weight. 🙂 I wish I could donate my blood too.

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