Health is wealth.

Two weeks ago, the institution I am currenltly working with conducted their annual check-up. Before that day, I was so scared because it will be my first time to have my blood extracted. I was so nervous on that needle! Thank goodness I survived it, physically and mentally.

Anyway, I know something will be wrong on my xray. I am so used on reading the impression of thoracic dextroscoliosis. To my suprise, the result also mentioned suspicious density on my right lung. What the hell was that? The doctor who interpreted my results said that one of the common illness of Filipinos is tuberculosis. OMG? Me? Tuberculosis?

I was so scared. I’ve been coughing nonstop since May and if this xray has some suspicious, then I may be really sick. A week after this check-up, I had another episode of hypochondria. I still feel oh-so-sick, and that I was so convinced that I may be actually be sick. I read the results again, and googled those unfamiliar words that say I am low or high. Even though the doctor said that it is still not significant, my mind was hopping from one illness to another.

I was like, OMG I may have tuberculosis, or may have lymphoma (because I have low lymphocytes), or may have leukemia (because of high red blood cells), or another type of cancer. I know! I am such a hypochondriac.

So last Saturday, I had another xray, as prescribed by the doctor. I swear, if I am healthy, I may die of radiation! The result has a good news! My lungs are normal! I mean, it’s so clear, definitely no suspicious whatever.

Yey! Still healthy. I guess what I am really trying to say is that, stop thinking too much. And take care of yourself. Do not overwork your body just for your work.

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sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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