Blind Spot

When the current work you have requires you to entertain a ridiculous number of clients every single day, it gets boring. So you will need something to entertain you while waiting for the next client, or when bullshit occurs and you just have to shake it off.

That is when Candy Crush will enter into this nerdly world of Renierose. When I finally have this tablet, I said to myself that it will only contain social media apps and my files to read and write, nothing more. But then first paragraph happened and I decided to download the Candy Crush games. I know, I am years late once again with this bandwagon.



On my second day of playing this game full-time, I realized my blind spot. Maybe because I am still a noob at this game and all the people around me have better eyes to see which candies to crush. Or maybe because I am just literally focused on whatever is in front of me.

While playing this game, I realized my blind spot in my life. Maybe that is the reason why I feel the pressure whenever people around me ask what I want to do in my life. Perhaps, it is also triggered by a short exchange of SMS I have with  a good friend and mentor if I want my life in another institution.

I know I still cannot see the harsh and selfish realities of life because I am still living in this world ala Inception. I mean, Not thinking about other stuff, I am still happy to where I am currently in. Well, I mean, I hate it as well but I still feel happy.

We all have blind spot. I guess, the only thing we can do is find reliable teammates that will help you see those blind spot.

Ren, 06.03.2015.

About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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