The Week That Was: Weekend and Weekdays

I was searching the internet on ideas for my blog. I saw some, but then a lot has been doing it, like The Sunday Currently. I though I should do something like that to force me to write, until I saw a draft I have written like last year already.

So, I’m reviving this… I hope.

Alright, what happened to me the past week? Well, all I can remember was I had no restday at all. I started my weekend on Friday and had to do some personal errand. By Sunday, I had to go to work but not to work but to go to some place to celebrate the institution’s anniversary. It lasted only for 24 hours.

By Tuesday, back to work till Friday. And then I finally got a full day of rest! Yay!

I do not mind not having a restday, in fa I am used to it. Whenever I feel tired, and being ungrateful, I always remind myself of the times that I have nothing to do. It’s much better to have no sleep than not being awake at all.

Being busy is the most grateful thing I have right now. Tomorrow’s the second half of 2015 and I am ready. Let us make weekends productive days as well.


About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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