3 Idiots

Photo from Google Images

Photo from Google Images

The first time I watched 3 Idiots, I was on my fourth year in college, if I remember it correctly. That was almost 3 years ago already. I remember putting the movie’s OST in my phone the night before my first ever practicum in a mental hospital. I was so nervous back then that I had to calm myself while on my way to the institution – All is well, said the voice in my ears.

Photo from Google Images

Photo from Google Images

Now, we had a chance to talk about the film in the office. It brought me to a time when I was so lost, confused, and alone, yet felt very much happy. I suddenly miss my room in my dormitory of four years.

I don’t have to write anymore how awesome the movie is -that is already a fact known by everyone. I am just reminded of one of few lessons I learned when I first watched the movie.

Remember Rancho’s friend Raju Rastogi? He was always afraid of things. He always needs the help of their gods. Not that I am saying that we don’t need to believe someone bigger than us, but sometimes, we just have to believe in our own capability. We will not always receive compliments and appraisals of how awesome we are; we just have to own it.

It is always been fear. My blog entries for a couple of months now is about fear. I was able to relate to Raju back then, and I still am him today.

“Fear is what makes us not excel in the things that we do.”

What if it is just fear that hold me to this ordinary life? I know I can be extraordinary, I am just always holding back. What if I am no longer confused, but only use the “being confused and lost” as my denial of my destiny? What if I can truly be a wonderful and gifted psychologist, psychometrician, counselor, writer, artist, but I am just so afraid of owning it?

Why can’t I just simple believe in myself?


Of failing. Of hitting rock bottom. Of disappointing the people around me. Of disappointing myself.

You know when they say to stop thinking and just do it?

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