The Week That Was: First

Monday: For 15 years, I spent Sept. 8 with a mass. Now, I spent this day with bad news, disappointments, and broken hope What a Monday. please don’t be the entire week.

It was a Monday. As usual, I have Monday blues, so my energy and mood wasn’t that good to start with. It sucks, and having a meeting that gave too many bad vibes at the start of the week sucks even more. At evening, I made this reflection.

Tuesday is for thinking about your personal life and your life in relation with your environment and situation. I need to stop thinking. Monsters are in my head, not under my bed.

I just can’t stop thinking about things. My mind keep on talking while I was walking, while I was on the computer, while I was eating… It just doesn’t stop.

Wednesday is realizing you’re not the best. It’s not degrading yourself; it’s accepting the reality. There’s a word for that e, humility.

Something happened in my life. Then I realized how humility can make you. Then I realized I’ve been doing this mini-reflection everyday. I decided to do this everyday, then a compilation every week will be posted in this site.

Thursday: 1. Be careful with your words. It can hurt people.
2. Listen. Laugh. Live. Love.

Thursday I realized how powerful my words are. Remembered Brave lyrics “Nothing’s gonna hurt you the way that words do When they settle ‘neath your skin Kept on the inside and no sunlight Sometimes the shadow wins”. Then, you know, despite the confusion, exhaustion, and frustration, I can still smile. We can all still smile.

Friday: Your hardwork is your seed. Just plant it, and you can harvest it in the future. The way you do your work give a glimpse of what kind of a person you are.

Let your work speak for you.

Saturday: 1. This is not the real you, Ren. You’re better than this. What happened? I think you need help.
2. Some people would definitely try to control you. If you just exist in this world, you’ll let them. If you are living, you’ll find a way to be just you.

I wrote the first  one around 5am on a Saturday morning. I know! Why am I already awake at 5 am in a weekend? Don’t ask, I won’t tell. I was so frustrated by myself. I know I am better than that. Maybe it’s everything. I feel like the only thing I haven’t done yet is to cry. So when I was listening to John Legend’s All of Me and heard the line “even when your crying, you’re beautiful too”, I wrote “but it’s not my eyes that’s crying, it’s the inside.”

We all need control. But sometimes, being a hard-headed person, I just hate being controlled.

Sunday: 1. “Buksan ang ‘yong mga mata, kahit may luha mamahalin pa rin kita at tutuluyang lumaya.” (Open your eyes. Even if it has tears, I will still love you.)
2. “Ako ang bunga ng Iyong pagdurusa, narito ako.” (I’m here, the fruit of your suffering.)

Those are line from songs in church. I’ve been hearing these songs for the longest time. The first one, I feel like it’s been talking to me for so long. I know it’s God. He knows my heart and been telling me that he loves me. The second one, when I heard it during mass earlier, I felt something. It made me think what kind of fruit am I? Jesus died for me. Am I still worthy of dying even when I am not a good daughter?

Reflecting our every day lives gives us the opportunity for self-enhancement. It makes me sensitive with every one and everything I deal with.

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sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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