The Fault

I just got home from watching The Fault in Our Stars alone. Yes, alone. I’ve been meaning to watch a movie alone for a while now, and when I had the chance to watch this much awaited movie adaption, I grabbed the opportunity.

I don’t see why people make a big deal when you say that you watch a movie in theater alone. It s just like watching a movie on your big screen tv alone in your house. If you want to have some time by yourself, go watch a movie. It’s fun even without your friend who likes to chat while watching.

I won’t be talking about the movie. I am just glad that the film stayed true to the book. The book made me cry, so does the film. I, however, would like to talk about the things I realized.

First, do not buy a ticket on the same time when teens in group will buy too. The moviegoers were mostly teens who have not read the book. Their reactions made it obvious that they have no idea on the film and that they are just there because of the hype. Every kissing scene, the word “virgin”, “flirting” and other stuff made them all giggle which made me annoyed.

I felt that people who have not read the book should not be allowed to watch the film adaptation in theaters. I know that is very selfish of me, but I felt robbed when they would react onto something that is clearly in the book.

That made me realize the second item, that I do love to do stuff alone. I read alone. I watch movie (at home) alone, and I rarely talk about it in real life. Sure I’d post about it on social networking sites, but I rarely share it to other people. That is why I can’t be in sales, I am not good in convincing people to try stuff. I don’t think I convinced my cousin to read TFIOS, and I never college friends to read Harry Potter. Hang on – I actually never tried to convince them since they do not read to start with.

People watch movie for entertainment. I do too. Some watch for the technicalities – the direction, the screenplay, and the whatnot that I won’t pretend to understand during the Oscars. I personally watch movies to change my life. High School Musical Trilogy made me realize that I really am inclined into musical. Legally Blonde made me think of actually trying med school, but then again, I know that it is not my passion so I looked for another path. Maybe some movies did not actually change my whole life, but all movies that I’ve watched was a catharsis to reflect more on my life.

In TFiOS, John Green said “Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book. And then there are books like An Imperial Affliction, which you can’t tell people about, books so special and rare and yours that advertising your affection feels like betrayal”. Sometimes, stories are so special to me that I get really disappointed when others don’t appreciate it the way I do. I just hate it.

Maybe I am just so different with the people around me. I love this fictional worlds too much and they will never understand it. I have been told that I think differently. Definitely a compliment for me.

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