Psych Major

Two things when people learn that I am a Psych major a.) OMG You’ve been reading my mind this entire conversation!! or Can you read my mind? Read my mind. b.) Someone needs counseling. Can you talk to her/him…

Every Psych major can attest to that. Anyway I won’t talk about the first one. The second one, however, is starting to bother me personally.

I chose Psychology as a major because back then I had no idea on who I am or what I want to study. So Psychology is perfect for me. It helped me to understand myself, to know myself a bit more.

I have a Psychology degree and back in college, I chose the clinical field as a major. Looking back, I believe the thing that really changed me is my love for words. In college, people usually gain a specific skill – how to balance check, how to create a firm and strong building, how to properly nurse a sick. Me? I learned the love of reflecting about life and realize how words have this great importance in my life.

I know everyone expects that a Psych major should have the skill of counseling, at least the basic of it. I believe counseling is like love – love yourself first before you can truly love another person. Yes, I am talking about Erikson. To be a good counselor, you have to know yourself first before you can help someone else’s feelings.

The question for me personally is how can I help when I can’t understand my feelings. I know the basics – sad, angry, happy but I always get overwhelmed with it because I can’t understand even when I know feelings should be felt. Head is different from the heart.

So whenever I do ‘unsolicited advice’, I always use cliches. But why, you ask? Because that is how I comfort myself. Whenever I fear failure, I’ll tell myself “Not doing the first step is the failure.” I read when I feel something not good. I use words and it help me a lot.

Yeah. I can’t do counseling but I can do cliches.

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  1. esorenneiluj25 says:

    Truly. Agree. Yes. You got it right. Hahahaha 🙂

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