Before leaving the office, I emailed my senior/boss on a report I’ve been trying to do since Monday. When I texted her that I already emailed it, she said “Do I need to see it? Just submit it to our boss. I believe in you.” on which I replied “Read it first please. I don’t trust my writing skills nowadays.”

Last Saturday, I had a long conversation with my cousin. One of our topics was my blog. She said she visited my blog and noticed that I have not been writing as often as I used to. I told her that I’ve been too busy and tired with my schedule.

When summer started and had too many free nights, I’ve been hanging out on Facebook. I’ve been writing statuses, and tweets on Twitter but I rarely write a blog post. I’ve been ignoring my daily journal as well.

Now that I need to write, I feel really at lost. I know I am not the best writer, but I am usually confident with whatever stuff I am writing, be it an essay, a report, or a research. Nowadays, I’ve been writing just to finish the task, even though I know I can do so much better.

I know I’ve been too lazy. I know it is my fault, but sometimes I just can’t stop myself on staying on social media website for too long even though I gain nothing on that.

I just read this before I started writing this post: “Do a bad first draft. You can’t edit a blank page.” I really really need to keep on writing, whatever things I want to write. Writing is so helpful to me – be it for personal, for work, or for some things that can help me.

About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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