Here’s the thing

I wore black and I received a lot of questions all through the day.

Valentines of 2012, I was busy with my internship in a university along Taft. I was in the jeepney, wearing a very formal attire, when I noticed that there were a lot of red balloons, flowers, and other stuff along Pedro Gil. That was when I realized that it was Valentine’s day. I was so preoccupied with my internship, and the fact that three days later would be the final defense for our thesis.

By 2013, it’s not as vivid as the earlier year.I think I went outside to did some errand, and it was still early when I got home. My Valentine that year was four guys, very funny and nerdy. Yes, I am talking about Leonard, Sheldon, Rajesh, and Howard. I had a Big Bang Theory marathon and it was so awesome.

This morning, I was looking on my humbly small cabinet on what to wear. I picked this fashion chic blouse I bought last year but have not used, but decided that I’ll be wearing it some other time. I  went on my pile of shirts, and decided to wear this comfy, plain, and very cheap (if I may add) shirt. It was black.

While dressing up, the thought of Valentines was not in my mind. All throughout the day, I received these questions: 1.) Why are you wearing black? 2.) Are you broken hearted? 3.) Are you bitter about this day? 4.) Are you bereaving?! I also got a lot of: “Who’s your date later?”

I did not purposely wore black for this day. I was never a fan of this commercialized holiday. In fact, I am 200% sure that even if I am in a relationship, I would just ignore this day. Besides, if a guy would want to do something for a girl like me, it ain’t through chocolates and flowers on the day everyone has flowers.

So while walking going home, I decided that I’ll be wearing black yearly just so I can stand out in the crowd. I am thinking of wearing black tomorrow as well.

Fine. If you’re a Freudian, it’s the unconscious talking this time.


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sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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