*I had to defer this for posting due to the recent tragedies that had happened in our country. Then, I became too busy with real life that it deferred even longer.

This is long overdue. But for some reason, I can’t make my fingers  type the very words I have realized the moment I saw a magical world.

I realized I’m a part of this wonderful world. I thought this world was cruel, greedy, and full of hatred. It still is, but I was reminded by Someone that despite the flaws that the people is doing to the world, this world is beyond picturesque. He is really wonderful, and intelligent, and loving, and peaceful, and calm- the Great Architect of this world has planned out everything.

I was looking at the sea – an ordinary view for me, but I feel like He whispered something to me, guided me to see another scene, a new perspective.

It was something I could never tell by words, by I understood it through my heart.

I also realized how an hour can truly affect a person’s life. At first I was skeptic and sad, but then after I’ve seen His work, my heart just have to thank Him for putting me in this world for me to live. Indeed, what a wonderful world.

While musing, I was reminded of those people who took their life. It’s sad that they have given up, and lost hope. If only they saw what I see, felt His embrace through His works the way I have felt it, then maybe they would never even consider killing themselves. I also reminded myself that whenever I am feeling that I lost everything, just go back at that certain moment, visualize the things that I’ve seen, and my memory that nobody and nothing could ruin for me, then I will be alright.

This travel literally opened my eyes to see how loving the place I am in. Enough with the depressing and pessimistic thoughts, He got my back.

“The forest is peaceful, why aren’t you? You hold on to things causing your confusion. Let nature teach you. Hear the bird’s song then let go. If you know nature, you’ll know truth. If you know truth, you’ll know nature.” ~ Ajahn Chah

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sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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2 Responses to Travel

  1. esorenneiluj25 says:

    I wonder what it is… haha… Great to realize things. Indeed, He got your back. 🙂

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