Read books rather than watching the movie.

Few days ago, my nephew wrote on his status that he wanted to watch the Catching Fire but he’s having second thoughts because he has not read the book yet. Of course, that kind of status got my attention. I saw that there were few comments already, and being a nosy person, I read these comments. His friend said that it doesn’t matter that he hasn’t read the book because movies are more awesome. I think that’s what he said. Oh wait, I checked it and what he actually said was why bother reading the book when you can just watch the movie.

Can I just say that I hate this friend! If only I’m the biological sister of my nephew, who by the way is just seven years younger than me so I’m actually more like a big sister, I swear to God I’d tell him to stop being friends with this certain boy. That boy is a bad influence!

Back story, I was with the same nephew in watching Percy Jackson. He loved it so much that I had persuaded him to read the entire series, and he did! I am so happy! I feel that I am such a good role model at least once in my life. So, to read in his status that he’s considering to read the book first means a lot to me. I’m sure every bookworm understands this feeling, this happiness inside me.

I know I am super harsh with this friend. I have to remind myself that when I was in his age, I was also very naive when it comes to books. That was an era for me when I don’t understand how people can finish reading a book.

The reality now is that more often than not, people would just wait for the movie to come out rather than read the books. I could say that because friends and cousins are included in the statistics. I am very much hoping that one day they’ll find the perfect book for them to start loving this wonderful world of books.

Oh hey! When I was thinking about this entry, it sounded like an angry, rude, and kinda rant one but I guess it ended up nicely.

Movies may have awesome effects but the movie you made in your mind will forever be the best.

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