The first thing that I noticed in this movie is the songs. It’s just something that caught me. I had to say though, that while watching the movie, I was checking Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I had to rewind some scenes especially when the song or a line is wonderful.

It’s just me – music and lines. I love the New York setting. It feels very Ted Mosby, considering Josh himself wrote, and directed the film. As of writing, I’m still downloading the soundtrack, so I haven’t heard the songs per se. One song caught me – it says “And I don’t know why I love you, I just do.” Being a hopeless romantic, this certain line is like a trap to me. By the way, that’s from the song Rock Scissors Paper by Jaymay, who is the muscial director or something of How I Met Your Mother according to Wikipedia.

Well, based on the title, the film is all about being happy and being grateful. I won’t spoil for those who haven’t watched the movie, but there’s this scene where the character Annie mentioned we should say thank you every time.

It kind of reminded me of the days when I don’t usually say thank you. I think I have “improved” myself this year by saying thank you every time there’s an opportunity. Oh, and I shared one experience here.

Saying thank you made me approachable, as I observed on myself. It also made me a smiley face, thus lessening the snob aura in me. After few times of saying thank you, it became natural to me. To my surprise, it’s easier for me to talk to strangers. I swear, if your from the future and tell me this, I will never believe you.

So, this reminds us few things. Be happy. Always remember that you are worthy to be loved, whatever  situation you are in. Say thank you and be friendly. Read books. Don’t stop growing. And sing happy.

Let me leave with a note I’ve written a couple of months ago. “Saying thank you and smiling is like a hug. You can’t give one without getting one.” – February 28, 2013, 9:01 pm

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sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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