To my homegirls here with a big butt

Of course I’m kidding. My homegirls’ butt isn’t as big as Nicki Minaj’s or Kim Kardashian’s.

I have been in a hiatus – not only on this blog, but with my friends as well. I definitely got a bit busier in the real world, and yes, quite lazy to write, and, alright, been busy watching too much TV series. But hey, I did my waiting for those TV series!

My friends have been asking me how I am. To be honest, if they are just reading my blog, they’d definitely know I am doing awesome. And yes, probably just one or two of my friends read this blog. How unawesome is that?! Yes, I just use the word un-awesome.

Anyway, what’s my point here? Actually, none. I just want to update my beloved blog. I have lots of ideas to write but currently too lazy to perform the action. Now that I am actually free from all the errands I have to do, I realized that I have other things to do that would eat my time.

Also, I am back on the reading business. I mean, I never really stop reading. I’ve been reading tweets, some blogs, Facebook status, news, some articles, but not novels. Reading novels is somewhat seasonal for me. Recently, I have found out that a friend also experiences this. That there are just times that we are so lazy to read a book, not on the mood and divert the energy on doing some intellectual things – like playing games you’ve downloaded in the Playstore, or watch an episode of an awesome series over and over.

So, hoping that this entry would ignite the fire on posting every weekend. I swear, November will be filled with tons of wonderful, and full of sense entries.

xx, Ren

About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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