Spoiled Eggs

In my two decades of existence, it is my first time to encounter a rotten egg. The moment I crack it, it spilled green stuff and a horrible horrible smell. The second egg seemed okay but when I’m about to open the cracked egg, some kind of yellow liquid came out with another horrible horrible smell. It was awful. I need to do something to shake off the image and smell in my head. It would take time for me to do that, as I sometimes have some kind of olfactory hallucinations.

photo from Google Images

photo from Google Images

That egg is me, that is you, that’s everyone of us. Our shells seem okay, the same of everybody else. We sit normally on the egg tray, living our normal life. We continue on existing – do a job we’re not passionate, study a course we’re not interested, live a life we never wanted.

But the moment the egg is cracked, the moment you try to open it, the stink announces its presence, the horror of whatever is inside would stay in your mind. It’s awful, really awful.

If you open your shell, what would you see? I’m pretty sure everyone of us has a spoiled egg inside us. We pretend things, we stay on a situation that makes us sad. We are not happy.

I know it’s very easy to say “go ahead and pursue that dream, go out of your comfort zone”. I should know, I’m one of those who would rather choose the familiar road. But it makes me a spoiled egg.

But I don’t want to stink and have some kind of unnatural color. I just want to have a shiny shell and when you open, has a clear egg white and golden yellow yolk.

And no – I don’t have or rather know the answers. All I know is sooner or later that stink that’s coming from within would be prominent even when your shell is closed.

– Ren, August 28, 2013 1:37pm

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sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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