On shuffle

I do love making my playlist on a shuffle, especially when I’m doing something, or walking, and traveling. Making my player decide on which song to play next thrills me! Haha Because I usually just play the entire album or songs from one artist, so shuffling makes those not-usually-played-songs be played.

Anyway, when songs are on shuffle then an inspiring song, or a worship song plays, I feel like it’s actually Him who chose that song so I could listen on whatever He wants to tell me. Whenever I feel alone and sad, and then this song plays, I know I am not forgotten.

Singing is praying twice. This remained in my mind, the very first time I heard it. And to be honest, I googled it first to know that St. Augustine is usually associated to this. Read here and here.

I learned this wonderful song during Christmas few years ago. It’s not a Christmas song per se, but it is a simply written Christian song.  It’s so fun and light, I ended using this song as my alarm tone because I want to be inspired the moment I open my eyes. But I changed it after few weeks because I don’t want to hate this song eventually. All songs I’ve used on my alarm are on my hate list. haha!

To know that He actually knows my name means a lot to me. I am definitely not forgotten.

About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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