Quality Service

I’m sure everyone loves a service crew who is very industrious, respects you, and you can see in his actions that he is willing to serve you.

Last weekend, we were shopping grocery and when we were about to pay for the tons of things on our cart, this guy staff approached us. I noticed that he is not your usual bagger. Probably one reason is because he’s wearing eyeglasses. Also, his body built isn’t as muscular than the usual bagger and staff in a supermarket; in fact, he’s petite for a guy. And he’s wearing a different color of polo shirt.

He was so energetic and I swear, I can really feel that he wants to help. I barely experience this. I know some just do it because they have to, that’s their job. But with him, he has passion.

I hope he’s a management trainee, because I swear he will be a great manager. He really knows what “service with quality” means.

It just sucks that I wasn’t able to catch his ID, so I could learn his name and could thank him personally.

Kuya, thank you so much for your service. 🙂

About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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