Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

So how do I start this? The movie is so…. Fun and Totally Awesome! Oh yeah!


Let me just say that this movie is definitely a big improvement from the first one in terms of technicality. I think the effects are so much better, it’s like they used a better technology to make the film. And it’s just more awesome than the Lightning Thief.

Of course, there were a lot missing. I feel like the movie became too simple since there were a lot of sub-stories in the book. Anyway, this was very much expected.

One thing that I was really skeptic when I first saw the posters was Annabeth’s blonde hair. I have never seen the trailer before watching the movie, and as of writing, I have never seen it. Maybe I will in the future. Alright, talking about the blonde hair…

At first I feel like Alexandra can’t pull it off, but the moment, the very first scene she was ever in, I caught myself looking at her gorgeous eyes. Is that real? Every time Annabeth’s in the scene, oh those gorgeous wonderful expressive eyes!! For me, her blonde hair made her eyes prominent. (You know, like in ANTM, they cut/dye or whatever the hair to accentuate the model’s best feature. Oh, and also, guys, Smize!!)

Oh I love Annabeth’s braid. It’s a Katniss’ braid but not really.

Another thing, but this is off topic now. Logan’s haircut in the movie reminds me of Cory Monteith/Finn Hundson. Maybe it’s just the hair, but he definitely looks and have the aura like Cory/Finn. Somebody please tell me it’s not just me. 🙂

Anyway, the movie is still the feel good story we all love from the words of Rick Riordan. Everyone who hasn’t seen it, go leave your gadget and hit the theater!

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