First day

First day of class. I was a bit nervous but I gained all my courage. I kiss nervousness away and changed it to excitement. The very idea of going back to school and studying again is all I wanted, anyway.

I’m one of the earliest birds, so I chose the first row seat, middle aisle. After few minutes, someone entered the room. He was familiar, he was too familiar. Yes, I know him, or rather knew him.

Since he entered the front door, I’m the first one that he noticed. Our eyes met, so I smiled at him. I don’t know if he could still remember me. Nevertheless, I wanted to be friendly to everyone, so I managed to show him my pearly whites whether he remembered me or not.

“Hi. You look familiar,” the very first word he uttered. Yes, I am. I have known you for few years already.  “You too. We’re schoolmates before, right?” I got to keep myself from doing anything crazy. “I’m surprise to see you here, never thought I’d find someone I know from this class.” And wow, we’re finally talking. This was the moment I have been waiting for three long years.

We talked more. My most favorite part was when he remembered on his own my name. “Yep, that’s me. We’re together in our department for that activity.” But deep inside, I’m dancing and jumping up and down. He remembered my name! He really knew me! “That was crazy. Very very crazy.” “Yeah. So how are you? Are you working too?” He was still working on his first job for one year now, while I was a newly employed for few months and have swam another world too.

It was already late at night when the class finished when he asked me “Hey, do you want to have coffee? There’s Starbucks outside.” I agreed. I can’t believe the man that I love just ask me to have coffee. And I can’t believe that I’ll be with him, seated beside him every Wednesday night.

-March 3, 2013 6 am

About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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