Wedding Songs

When my cousin got married last December, i can’t seem to remove wedding in my mind. Just after Christmas, another cousin of mine got married. This summer, my third cousin will get married. With all the weddings, my cousins who are old enough to get married are being teased. “o, sa isang taon ikaw naman.” (so, you’ll be next, next year) or “o ikaw, kelan?” (and you? when?)  Of course, I’m not included with all these banter, except my two younger girl cousins who are enjoying the idea of me getting married next.

There were posts too of wedding dresses by our aunt/godmother which are too pretty to ignore. I even commented that one dress would be mine if my cousin won’t use it.

Just for sharing purposes, I’m twenty years old, with a mental age of seven, sometimes thirteen, most of the time eighteen, but once in a blue moon, can be of thirty. Anyway, it’s not that I’m getting married soon. The first thing to ask, if I may stress out is who would I be marrying? Haha.

With all the weddings around me, and the love stories both films and books, I won’t be really remove weddings in my mind. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic. Right now, I have little ideas for my own wedding. I have observed some things from the two previous weddings, so yeah, I can say I’m quite preparing it.

I think I sounded like Monica Geller on that last sentence! But come on, every girl keeps on repeating in their mind their dream wedding.

Because of my mind pre-occupied with wedding, there is already a playlist of songs building up for my wedding most definitely ten years later.

Some of the songs in my list are:

1. Love has Come my way. My favorite song a decade ago, because i love the artist who sang this. And now that I’m matured enough to actually understand the meaning of the song, this one’s included.

2. When you say nothing at all. Because Notting Hill is my all time favorite romantic film!

3. S Club 7’s Bring it all back, Reach, Don’t Stop Moving. Definitely, my wedding should have awesome dance floor and the songs just give so much positivity that even if it’s not a love song per se, it can pass.

4. When I look At You and some of Miley’s songs. Well, as the biggest Miley supporter, she should be, alright her voice, in my wedding. And her love songs are awesome.

5. Love you like a love song. Just cute and I love this song!

6. Teenage Dream by Darren Criss. Still deciding either the first version or the acoustic version. I love both!

7. Just Can’t Get Enough. Being a fan of the 80’s, there’s gotta be music from this decade. Still researching for more.

8. Forevermore. I super love this song and it’s perfect. You’re starting forever on the day of your wedding. Oh yes!

9. Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko. Probably one of my favorite Tagalog song. A song that says I will always love you even if I am already old. Sweet!

10. Mine by Naya Rivera. The song is sooo good. Naya sang it with all these emotions, but the song is associated by Brittana’s not so official break up so i don’t really know. Future Ren must know the answer!

11. You are my life by Nikki and Billy. And other Nikki Gil Songs. So sweet and it has personal touch that makes everyone relates  easily. And Nikki Gil has some of the classy-ish songs that I really love.

12. Little Things. I’m not really a fan of 1D (but i have a copy of Up all night cd), but this song is so sweet. The first time I heard this, I was smiling from ear to ear!

13. We can. I’ve been watching Legally Blonde 2’s ending over and over, and I love it over and over as well. Elle and Emmett running in slow motion then Elle looked at Emmett, then Emmett looked at Elle, and ohmigosh I want that!!

14. River Deep Mountain High by Glee. This is my jam! And telling that you love him river deep mountain high, is just sweet and makes you want to shake your thang! Haha

*And yes I’m posting this here because if I write it down on a paper or in a notebook, there’s an 83% I’m gonna lose it.

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