Ren 2007

Have a glimpse of Ren in the year 2007, my senior year in high school. These were our activities back then and I decided to keep it to remind me of my plans.

My Plan for the Future

My Goals: On a nice sunny morning in the year 2020, at age 28, I already have my own happy family, preparing for a brand new day. Together with my husband, we kiss and hug our twins goodbye and promise to give them chocolate when I get home. My husband and I will go to our different jobs – me as a psychologist-psychiatrist in our own hospital and my husband on our well-known music school. I look forward to my patients and hoping that they will only have a short time to be perfectly cured.

My Needs: support and love from my family and friends; an understanding, loving and trustworthy partner; true and loyal friends; exercise; learn to live independently

My Moves: prioritize my family; have enough time to relax; be good psychologist-psychiatrist; schedule my activities

My Moves – Now: study hard to maintain my grades; prioritize my studies, make the most out of it each and everytime; be the perfect me

My Battlecry: Just believe that you can achieve your dreams as long as you pursue it, and don’t ever give up on the fight of your life.

That was written on July 9, 2007, and this second was on December 10, 2007.

My Future Plans

Through the help of my family, I’ve survived all the sufferings of this world. I know I can, because they would help me. I will aim very high because dreaming is free. I will strive hard so that I can achieve everything I am longing. One of my future plans is to study college in Manila. I know it will be very hard for me but I will do it for my dreams. I will study hard to show to my parents how thankful I am to them. I really want to become a psychologist then maybe I will pursue it to medicine – to be a psychiatrist. Another goal of mine in life is to be rich. Since I am a kid, I always dream of being rich. I will live in an exclusive place in USA or Spain or France or Italy. I also dream of travelling around the world with my own private plane. Lastly, I want to be fluent in Spanish.

Ren 2007 is crazy. While reading the papers again, I was a bit embarrassed because of the way I wrote was kinda awful and with actually what’s in it. Haha! I edited few errors and I hope, this edited version is better.

It’s clear that Ren 2007 is very naïve, but already a big dreamer. I should definitely tell my old self that goals and plans are not fantasies, the former are realistic and most of what I wrote was crazy. Now, I’m wondering what my was teacher thinking when she read my paper. Gosh! So embarrassing!

Like this married thing. Me? Already married, already a mother at 28? I don’t think so! And to think that I already own a hospital! Haha Fifteen year old me was very naïve about this world. The musically inclined husband, however, may definitely come true! Music is still a part of me and I know every girl would agree that they love their husband/boyfriend to either sing well, or play an instrument. So, yeah, looking for one! Haha kidding!

The psychologist thing came true! Well, not really. I graduated with a degree in psychology, but man! I have to study further to be called psychologist. The psychiatrist part is rubbed out in my life right now. Anatomy was my worst subject back in college, and the sight of blood weakens me. Stories about medical condition (ie. Surgeries, stitches, injections) make me weak and thank you 127 hours movie, you made me sure that I am not going to medical school anymore. It just sucks that I have to finish the general medicine first before majoring in psychiatry and I enjoyed Abnormal Pscyh during college!

Living independently is awesome! It’s like an addicting drug that once you’ve tasted it, you want to taste it over and over again! Living away from home is awesome especially when you’re in the city where everything is available, and I’m talking about malls, books, schools, and the feeling that you’re in New York (read: overpopulation, dirty streets, small spaces, skyscrapers, arts). It’s frightening at first, but that’s when you would know the real you.

I still dream of being fluent in Spanish. And I am hoping to live this dream sooner!

The best thing about finding this paper again? My battlecry. The very words that I seem to have forgotten these days were written by my fifteen year old self. Just believe that you can achieve your dreams as long as you pursue it, and don’t ever give up on the fight of your life.

After almost six years, a lot has changed but still some remains the same. Let’s see what would be the difference of Ren six years later.

–          Ren, March 22, 2013 12:33am

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