The Piano Forest

This is an anime movie about well, piano and forest. Haha! I seriously need to study how to make a review. Kidding aside, it’s a movie about passion for the piano. One is a music teacher who is a legen-wait for it!- dary pianist. One is a booksmart piano student, and one is a music genius, a prodigy, but he is not aware of his geniusness.

I saw the word piano in the title and I did not hesitate to watch it. And this is the first time I’ve ever watch an anime or a cartoon about piano. It is so cool. The film is all about friendship, believing in one’s self, and knowing who you really are.

The story incorporates classical music. Yes, I’m talking about Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven and their friends. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone. You are being entertained while having some kind of Classical Music 101.

Listening to classical music is awesome, you know. Ever heard that it’s good to listen to classical music, while one is pregnant to smarten the baby? I think it’s true. I think I even heard or read somewhere that classical music helps or enhance or make more neurons in the brain. And just a secret to share, I feel that I’m smarter when I listen to classical music or classical-ish songs or just plain piano.

Music from piano itself captures a person’s emotions. Sometimes, words are not enough. Sometimes, words are not even needed. All you need to do is listen to piano and you’ll definitely feel something. Listen to the pieces from this movie, it’s too good to ignore. It’s too good to not know.

So if you like either piano, or playing the piano, or the classical music, this film is for you. And if you do not like anything I’ve said here, Bro, go ahead and find this film, it’s awesome!

-Ren 5:32pm March 19, 2013

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