Easter Sunday 2013

So my Easter Sunday! Well, let’s see. I was still awake when the clock hit 12 am. Slept at around 1:30. Woke up by 3:30 for the Easter presentation and mass.

Mom and I came at the church past 4. There are very few people yet. Children were practising for their presentation, because it was supposed to be outside the church but since it was raining, they had to do it inside the Church.

Aaaaah the memories of being an angel! Mom said I was four when I joined the angels. The youngest by this time is probably seven. It’s so awesome to think that I was just four years old and already rocking the performing arts! What’s up with that?! I think it’s a sign that I am definitely made for the performing arts!

While they were practising for their positions for about 30 minutes, I already have managed to make a storyboard for the presentation, have I been the director. There would be a bit of acting, and lots of singing, dancing and jumping. Hey, Jesus came back, He is alive, we should be rejoicing! Shout and dance Halleluiah! I think I should volunteer myself for next year, eh?

It was past 5 when the presentation started. Let me just say with pure honesty that it was such a disaster! But of course, I have to remind myself that even the children who work with professional directors and writers are doomed when they act live on their own, so as these children. I also had to mention that before the performance, one kid got his wings burned. Crazy!

Did I mention that this Easter presentation is really close in my heart that every year that I watch it, I can be really critical.

The mass started by 6:30. We all waited for an hour! The priest was having a mass in another place earlier so we have to wait. We definitely need more priest!

Anyway, since I got bored and sleepy, all I could think of is sleep. By time Mom and I got home, I immediately went back to bed.

What an Easter day it was.

This was supposedly a day for swimming too, but that did not happen! But, I attempted to make my very first cupcakes and it was a bit fail. But it’s still tasty and yummy!


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sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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