Black Saturday 2013

If anything, my Black Saturday is definitely colorful. I finally experienced Visita Iglesia, which I’ve been meaning to experience pretty much since forever. So when my uncle invited me to join, I just hesitated for ten percent. I wasn’t sure if I would wake up very early. Thanks to the freaking hot summer, I was already awake an hour before our departure.

So, the roadtrip began! Yes. Crazy cousins in one van is crazy. But we’ll be crazier if there are no parents around. But oh well, thank you parents for paying everything. Haha!

First stop: Naujan. Nazarene.

I was so shock to see the Nazarene! It’s like Jesus’ funeral. I was so shocked when the van stopped, and our first stop was finally there because I’m expecting to be in a church. Later that day, I ask my mom about this Nazarene. Because it wasn’t in the Church, it’s just on the terrace, just beside the road, so that’s surprising. Mom said that it was owned by the family of their (Mom and Auntie) officemate before. Mom told me that the officemate is the third generation taking care of this Nazarene. I asked her why they own one, she said some, generations ago, that owning one is part of their panata (religiously inclined vow).


The quality of my photos are very low. I think I need to buy a phone with a better camera quality especially during times like this when I’m too lazy to bring my point and shoot. Next stop is the San Nicolas De Tolentino Parish.


It’s just sad that we had our Visita Iglesia on Black Saturday, everything is covered. We could have seen the awesome statues and everything.


Another Nazarene! I think we’re on the 4th church when I realized that the reason why there are Nazarenes in every church is because Jesus is dead at this day, He would be resurrected the next day. My uncle said that old Churches have this Nazarene, because church at home doesn’t have one.

03302013(013)Gotta appreciate this wonderful painting.

Third church is my favorite: Simbahang Bato. (Simbahan is Church, Bato is Stone; ergo Stoned Church). It’s so cool and it’s very classic and beautiful beyond words! Can I get married here? Haha. This is one and a half hour ride away from home, so possible right?! Haha

03302013(017) 03302013(020)03302013(027)

After the oldie but goody church, we stop for a small church, our fourth stop, the San Agustin Chaplaincy. Nothing fancy, just plain church.

03302013(031) 03302013(032)

Next, is the Holy Spirit Parish. My cousins have been there, I don’t know why, probably some activity from school. It was old and seems like it has not been updated. I hope people from this parish would update this sooner.

03302013(033) 03302013(036)

Fifth is the Good Shepherd Parish. I’m familiar with the church. I remember attending a wedding there, I just can’t remember who. Probably a cousin of my cousin. Yes, my clan is so close to the other families, it’s like everyone are just assuming we’re all literally cousins.

Sixth is San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish. We all say church is home. But this one is definitely home. It’s just a lazy ten minute walk from our house. Reminds me of a lot of memories here including performing and biking. Alright, we (the young ones!) are all lazy to go down, since we’re already asleep and we know this church. Haha I gotta tell you, SLRP is one of the best church we’ve been. Biased judgement included, but no, it’s newly renovated and has a big space for parking and biking and playing. haha


Last but not the least is the St. Benedict Chaplaincy. The last time I’m here was when my cousin got married last December.


I honestly do not know what to actually do during Visita Iglesia. All I know is to pray. But what to pray? So I just thanked God for this opportunity, visiting churchers, roadtrip, bonding and everything is really a one of a kind experience. I realized that we are definitely lucky because we can have the luxury to roam around different towns, while on the road, we saw some farmers working while Mr. Sun is being so hot.

I definitely hope to experience this again.

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