This is a Big Bang Theory Appreciation Post.

Not the real scientific theory, but the awesome American series.

Because I have a lot of time to kill, I decided to re-watch all the episodes. And then I realized that the reason I chose this series instead of other series is that I learn a lot. Here are some of my learning.

1. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) is the enlargement of heart muscle which can lead to congestive heart failure. (I’m familiar with the term because it’s incorporated in a story I’ve read before and when Shelly said this, this entry idea came to my mind.)

2. Karma, which is a belief of  Hindu and Buddhism, is practically Newtonian. “In every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction.” That’s the Law of Motion.

3. Isaac Newton’s birthday is December 25, 1642. So in celebrating Christmas, putting Newton on top of the Christmas tree is more Christmas-y than what we do, because Jesus was really born in the summer. May I just add my learning from studying Religion all my life that the Church made Christmas December 25 was because it was a pagan celebration of the Sun, and making Jesus’s birthday celebration December 25 would make pagans easier to adjust to their new religion.

4. Photographic memory is a misnomer. It should be called eidetic memory.

5. When a new program was made, we’re familiar with the Beta version.  Like in Pottermore, when you have to answer the question and wait for an owl so you’ll experience it earlier than the rest of the universe but the site was still very bitchy, that’s the beta version. Beta is called when the users are people not really part of the programming. Alpha version is the testing stage as well, but the testers are also programmers who are part of the coding.

6. People in the performing arts have some unresolved childhood issues. Because when performing, they are another person, not their own self.

7. Schrodinger’s cat. An experiment wherein a cat is in the box, can be considered both dead and alive, until the box is opened. Take some risks!

photo from Google

photo from Google

8. I was introduced to Stephenn Hawkings. I am still not familiar with his works and all about his genius-ness, but goodness, he’s AWESOME!

9. I have to credit this awesome show for me starting to have an obsession to superheroes. I just watch the Iron Man films (It’s now confirmed that I’m definitely inlove with smart guys!), Captain America, and re-watch The Avengers with all the appreciation I should have felt the first time I watch it. Oh, and I gotta learn mixed martials arts so I can be Black Widow. Haha!

I also enjoy when Leonard’s mum, Beverly is around, as well as Shelly’s girlfriend Amy. I love I am hearing some terms and theories about neuroscience and psychiatry. (Neuropsych major here!)

Gotta watch Star Wars and Star Trek to understand more stuff they keep on jibber-jabbering.

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