Lessons in school, career and life in general.

Hi everyone. Let me share some notes I got last March 9, 2012. It was the Lenten Recollection. All along I thought it would tackle some Lenten things. I should have known it wasn’t since it was only for graduating students, our last recollection before graduation!

“Study is neither for honors nor for grades. It is for learning.”

“Choose your battles in life: there are some that are worth it, there are others that are not.”

“Everyone falls. But a person is measured not by one’s mistakes but by the manner one rises after one commits a mistake.”

“Life is not about what it is; it is about what it becomes.”

“What is in the heart is not always shown on the face.”

Facts and Observations

– Life is fast-paced and is surrounded by noise of all kinds.

– People today are fed with the culture of loud music and psychological space does not seem to hold any water at all.

– People find it difficult to sink into silence because they have gotten used to living by the expressions of modern-day living.

– Silence is much deeper than simply not talking.

– Good discernment and decisions are made from result of deep inner silence.

– Nothing that is good comes easy; every good is earned and everything that is rewarding is achieved painstakingly. Otherwise, it is never good.

– Unless a seed is buried, it will remain a seed! Discipline is about dying unto oneself, pruning aspects that are not well and good.

“Life beyond a campus is survival: rat-race and competitive.”

“The world out there can be full of compromises: values taught inside may be greatly opposed by institutional malpractices.”

“Lifestyle dictates the parameters of wants and needs.” (What matters is how you use and earn money.)

“Hard-work is long and tedious, but rewarding and meaningful.”

“Lifestyle can greatly affect one’s body.”

“Circle of friends can keep one from one’s religious values and authentic spirituality.”

“Drive for excellence can be easily forgotten by a work culture of mediocrity.”

“Routine can be an enemy of creativity and critical analysis.”

“The personal plan may not be a 100% shield, nevertheless, make it as practical as it can be that it may inspire you to hold on it no matter what.”

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sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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