You Don’t Know Me

And the series of love songs continue. This would be the last. How ironic is this that I learned about this song while watching one of the most awesome series in the entire universe – How I Met Your Mother. It’s during the last dance of Ted and Victoria in season 1.

Then I googled it and read the lyrics. All I can say is Omigod, the song is well written. I don’t need to listen to the song to appreciate it. Gosh! I know I want to write something as awesome as the lyrics of this song. Ray Charles is my newest idol.

I’ve heard about Michael Buble; I’ve heard his songs at one point in my life but as of now, I finally know his song.

Can we just give a moment to read the words of this wonderful song.

You give your hand to me
Then you say hello
I can hardly speak
My heart is beating so
And anyone can tell
You think you know me well
But you don’t know me

No, you don’t know the one
Who dreams of you at night
And longs to kiss your lips
And longs to hold you tight
Oh I’m just a friend
That’s all I’ve ever been
‘Cause you don’t know me

I never knew
The art of making love
Though my heart aches
With love for you
Afraid and shy
I’ve let my chance to go by
The chance that you might
Love me, too

You give your hand to me
And then you say good-bye
I watch you walk away
Beside the lucky guy
You’ll never never know
The one who loves you so
Well, you don’t know me


About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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